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03XX Series Interview: Ben Fortier

Episode Summary

Episode Start Minute 2:10 In this episode, Tyler and Jose bring you a captivating interview with Ben Fortier. Together, they explore the profound experiences that Ben encountered during his time in Fallujah, Iraq, around 2006, and the lasting impact it had on his life. They delve into the depths of his journey, discussing not only the war but also the events and influences that shaped him during his childhood. The conversation takes an inspiring turn as Ben shares his unwavering passion for art, music, and writing. He opens up about his creative journey and how these outlets have played a pivotal role in his post-war life. Join us for an insightful and engaging discussion that delves into the complexities of war, personal growth, and the transformative power of artistic expression. Benjamin Fortier, a multi-talented writer, musician, and technology geek, has embarked on a creative journey that has shaped his artistic identity over the years. From a young age, Benjamin's exceptional authorship caught the attention of his writing mentors, leading to the honor of being named Class Poet by his graduating High School class. His innate talent and passion for storytelling propelled him towards a path of self-expression. In 2009, Benjamin made his mark in the literary world with the release of his debut poetry collection, "The Silent Whispers of Omens." This collection marked the beginning of his exploration of profound themes such as mental health, mysticism, the supernatural, surrealism, and social issues through the captivating medium of poetry. The collection received recognition for its evocative verses and poignant exploration of the human experience. Building on the success of his debut, Benjamin independently released his sophomore poetry collection, "Stones of the Wooded Valley," in 2019. This collection showcased his growth as an artist and demonstrated his unwavering commitment to self-expression. Through his poetry, Benjamin continues to captivate readers, delving into the depths of emotions and creating poignant narratives that resonate with audiences. Beyond his creative pursuits, Benjamin's life is filled with diverse passions and responsibilities. He hails from the northern part of Rhode Island, where he was born and raised. Alongside his writing, Benjamin has delved into the realm of sports photography, capturing moments that reflect the intensity and beauty of athletic endeavors. Furthermore, he has embarked on a healing journey after a combat deployment to the volatile city of Al-Falluja, Iraq, around 2006. This experience, coupled with the impact of the September 11, 2001 events, has shaped his perspective and influenced his creative expression. When not immersed in the world of writing, Benjamin finds solace in the company of his partner Emily and their rescue dog, Princess Peppa Pig, an American Bully. They share their lives with love and care, nurturing their furry companion alongside their own growth and exploration. Benjamin also indulges in his love for hockey, video games, guitar playing, and technology tinkering, finding joy and inspiration in these diverse interests. To explore Benjamin Fortier's captivating works and stay updated on his upcoming projects, visit his website at https://www.benjaminfortier.com/. There, you can delve into his published collections, including "The Silent Whispers of Omens" and "Stones of the Wooded Valley," which showcase his talent for weaving vivid imagery and thought-provoking themes. Additionally, Benjamin shares short fictional memoirs on his website's blog section, allowing readers to immerse themselves in captivating worlds such as the Jolan District and the Al Andalas District, including the intriguing piece titled "The Pizza Slice." Keep an eye out for Benjamin's upcoming book, "Phantoms," which promises to take readers on a gripping exploration of the war in Iraq. Set in 2006 within the infamous Sunni Triangle, "Phantoms" delves into the battles fought in the urban landscapes of cities like Ramadi and Fallujah. It uncovers the thin and opaque battle lines and the lasting scars left on those who experienced the war firsthand. Published by Dead Reckoning Collective, this upcoming release is sure to captivate and enlighten readers. Where you can find Ben's work. Instagram: @Benfo Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benfortier https://www.youtube.com/@UCt0r7AIWyjp2-mnk2_Mz5nA Website: https://www.benjaminfortier.com/ Short fictional memoirs: https://www.benjaminfortier.com/post/stories-from-the-jolan-district https://www.benjaminfortier.com/post/stories-from-the-al-andalas-district-the-pizza-slice Host- Jose Herrera Host-Jose Herrera Editor- Julian P. Seddon Music-Danny Akers